It all started when...

I was working for a former punk / aspiring artist 27 years ago who managed an established London gallery. An abstraction of an upside-down red submarine hung high amongst the genteel landscapes on linen. It belonged to my manager, the former punk.

The work struck me as a symbol of the effort artists make navigating the art world.

Throughout the course of the next 2 decades I worked in commercial galleries in London and Australia, to later establishing myself as an independent curator and advisor in Australia, before moving to Switzerland in 2007 where I established my practice Sascha Gianella Art Contemporain (SGAC) in 2008.  Since its inception I have staged exhibitions in Switzerland, France, China and Australia. I have written a multitude of catalogue texts for galleries and books with artists in Switzerland, the UK and Korea, and advise regular collectors in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, France, Spain, Switzerland, Monaco, the UK and the USA.

I have spent 20 years providing practical support to artists during the course of my work as an independent curator and art advisor. My projects have always demanded the fostering of each and every artist I work with, and as such, naturally a major part of my work is providing professional development advice and resources to select practicing visual artists, as we do with our Professional Practice Mentoring Programme.

Importantly, the advice given is not my own. It comes from the voices of the hundreds of artists that I have worked with over the years; advice that has been collated as proven trajectories towards a successful and sustainable artistic practice.

SGAC supports the initiative of an ambitious new generation of visual artists.

And artists who paint red submarines.

Sascha Gianella, April 2019