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Susan Steinberg is an Emmy Award winning writer, director and producer best known for her work on the PBS series American Masters. She has produced and directed documentaries on Paul Simon, Edward R. Murrow and the founder of Atlantic Records, Ahmet Ertegun.

Paul Simon said something very interesting to me. He said “There comes a point where optimism becomes a practical decision.”
— Susan Steinberg

Susan's most recent project was the creation of Mirrors to Windows: The Artist As Woman, a film documenting the negotiation between art and life for 10 women artists based in Britain.

We met Susan in Geneva during the film's recent Swiss premiere and chatted to her about her experience of closely working with these artists as they forge their careers in the dynamic London art scene.  Of the 150+ possible candidates for the film, Susan whittled down the numbers to 10 artists, all of whom seem to have gone on to success during the 3 years that the film was made.  We discuss their success and whether there were any obvious indicators that led these artists to that success, and what Susan believes contributes to sustaining a creative life.

Sascha Gianella chats with Susan Steinberg about her film Mirrors to Windows: The Artist As Woman.

Listen to the full interview here:

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