Gabriele Herzog

Herzog, Gabriele Untitled 2017 (8) 130x80cm Price £1100.jpg
Herzog, Gabriele Untitled 2017 (8) 130x80cm Price £1100.jpg

Gabriele Herzog


Untitled, 2017
oil-stick and acrylic spray-paint and dirt on raw cotton canvas
130 x 80 cm (H x W)
51.2 x 31.5 inches


About Gabriele Herzog
Swiss artist Gabriele Herzog’s paintings might appear as minimalist and pared-down abstractions upon first glance. The colour palette is reduced in spectrum in any one canvas, and muted in tone, but the result is anything but simplified. In effect Herzog’s compositions are complex reflections of the artist’s internal ruminations. Her instinctive line-work reflects her fluency with her medium and reveals a confidence that perhaps stems from her training as an illustrator.


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