Matt Higgins

Higgins, Matt Endure, 2018.jpg
Higgins, Matt Endure, 2018.jpg

Matt Higgins


Endure, 2018
oil, oil stick and spray paint on canvas
162.6 x 142.2 cm (H x W)
64 x 56 inches
USD1,200 (CHF1,200 approx.)


About Matt Higgins
US artist Matt Higgins works are informed by his mood and emotions. His work is very much process based, surfaces that are worked and reworked with spray paint, oil paint and oil stick, combining text, colour and/or tone and abstract gestural brushstrokes that culminate in powerful statements. The immediate impact of his works underlie layers of complexity that not initially obvious to the observer. Higgins has the ability to draw together his ruminations to the surface with an adept ease, yet the real challenge and toil of his work, is hidden in these layers; layers that represent feelings, past experiences, thought processes and a sensitivity that is characteristic of the artist, himself.


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