Build your list with people that matter.

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Build your list with people that matter.


Apart from family and friends, who is on your list? Most artists want to know how to reach out to new clients, collectors, curators and arts professionals. List building is not just about adding names to your mailing list, and sporadically sending them an email update with a link to your latest works. It's about carefully choosing a specific audience of clients, collectors, curators and arts professionals that are relevant to you and your work. Don't waste your and others' time by doing it otherwise.

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In this self-paced 5 day course, you will learn how to develop the most valuable asset in your professional practice - your list. 

Every day you will receive a short video and plan designed to turn your list into a serious, essential and profitable asset.  This course is also relevant to gallerists and other art institutions.

  • Day 1:  Who should you be targeting? Curators? Collectors? Which ones? We segment your target audience.
  • Day 2: Who specifically needs to be on your personal list.
  • Day 3: What do send each person on your list.
  • Day 4: How often and when you contact your list (setting up automation, scheduling and consistency)
  • Day 5: Opportunities to build your list (easy ways to adding the right people)

By Day 5, your mailing list will be a well-oiled self-operating contact machine, and you can get on with other more important things.