THE ARTISTS WE WORK WITH demand new approaches.

The art world is an unruly and unfixed beast. Hierarchical and multi-faceted. A secret society of ever-changing self-important characters, doyennes and artist stars, and yet during the course of the past 20 years, a time which bore witness to four contemporary art booms, the rise and relevance of the internet, a proliferation of art fairs and the constant emergence and disappearance of commercial art galleries – visual artists who are not represented by a gallery, nor followed by a curator or collector of importance continue to lack access to resources and knowledge when it comes to managing the professional aspects of their practices.

SGAC offers a direct service to practicing visual artists seeking professional development advice.  We bring together individuals and resources needed to promote and propel your practice to the next level, in a way that is strategic, sustainable and individual to your unique vision.

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Sascha has helped and supported me and my work enormously over the last few months.
I am in awe of her professionalism, strength, energy, generosity and her vast knowledge of every aspect of the art world.

— GH, Artist